Is your web presence failing you?

With our versatile web design approach, we can help you attract and captivate more visitors, and increase sales!


Stop thinking about improving your website, and start doing instead.

Is your website working to it's full potential? Do the visitors of your website get hooked on the provided information? Do they stick around eager to find more about your business? Does your online presence convert visitors into customers? If not, then it sounds like your website isn’t doing its job.

Let us help you change that.

Shibuweb is a complete digital agency, we focus on consulting, web design and successful online marketing. Our clientbase consists of satisfied customers from all around Japan and over the world. By giving us a chance to improve their online businesses, our clients could make their website stand out online, understood how web works and drastically increased number of visitors and customers.

And so can you.

Here’s what Shibuweb can do for you:

Drive more traffic

Shibuweb will help you understand who your target audience is, and craft your website and online presence around them. That way, targeted online marketing will then be more successful in bringing the right people to your site.

Make visitors stay

It is unfortunately common for businesses to spend money on internet marketing only to redirect potential customers to a poorly optimized site. We at Shibuweb can help you keep your visitors interested in your business with up-to-date relevant information and good loading speed.

Turn visitors into leads

With our strategies focused on conversion of visitors into customers, you’ll go from spending money on marketing to earning from it! Once the wheels are set in motion, making money with your online presence will be easier than ever.

Website design and consulting that bring results

Our consulting process starts with understanding your business and goals. Even if you can’t picture exactly how digital marketing will help you make your business more successful, we at Shibuweb will gladly show you. All we need to know if what your vision and goals are!

Once we know everything we need (don’t worry, it won’t take us very long), next things we will do are research, planning and strategy development. We will look at the best practices that others (including your competitors) are implementing.

Best practices are made up of various parts including search engine marketing and optimization, social media presence and marketing, user interface of your website, content type and much more. By researching all of the above we can find the strategy that will deliver best results for your specific needs.

Once you approve of our plan, we’ll get to working on your website so that it is modern and easy for visitors to understand.

In the end it doesn’t make sense to bring visitors to a website that is broken, outdated or is impossible to navigate. If you do, the site won’t be able to do it’s main job of converting visitors and making them stay.

Once everyone is happy with the website, it’s time to move on implementing all of the aforementioned strategy pieces.

We will let you know of the best action plan we have in mind and if you have questions or suggestions, we can always modify it to suit your taste or budget, as long as we are sure that it will be attracting visitors. Co-working and feedbacks are important to us.

But no matter what marketing strategy you settle with, be sure that as long as Shibuweb is working on your project, we are dedicated to deliver results that speak for themselves and you will always know exactly what does and does not help your business to become profitable.

With the help of Shibuweb’s consultation and strategy, your website will…

Attract more customers

Search engine strategies (SEO optimization)

We can help you find and establish the keywords that you potential customers are using when they want to find businesses and services like yours. Having identified keywords for your web presence and implementing them on your website, will dramatically improve your SEO (search engine optimization). The success can be monitored throughout any period of time and all the adjustment and additions can and will be made as necessary to ensure the best results.

Social media marketing

Knowing what social media platforms are right for you can sometimes be difficult, at Shibuweb we will help you decide that based on your target audience and goals. So that all the work you put into social media is worth it!

Pay-per-click and other online advertising

Paid marketing strategies guarantee success if done right. We can help you design an optimal strategy to fit into your budget and narrow the type of visitors to only those that have a higher likelihood of becoming your customers.

Make your customers stay

Relevant content

Content plays a great part in both helping your customers find your website and keeping them on it once they discover you. Let us help you write content that is relevant and that your customers want and need. Better content means more visitors, more customers and more revenue!


Copywriting is one of the most important services when you are looking for fresh quality content that will convey the message of your brand and help you achieve your objectives.

Turn visitors into customers

UX (user experience) design

A small mistake in user experience (UX) design can end up costing you big bucks. Let us improve the conversion of your website by implementing solid, proven-to-work web design UX standards.

Web design consulting with conversion in mind:

Whatever the purpose of your website is - attracting more new people, convincing the to stay on your site or turn them into potential or right-away customers. With what Shibuweb offers, all of this will come in one pack.

We are not just web designers and developers, we pay a lot of time and attention to online marketing and best practices that will bring more customers to your business. Shibuweb will make sure your website is not only beautiful, but that it also has a great potential for turning visitors into leads.

Looking for a specific work instead of an all-included deal?

Shibuweb offers a variety of separate services including web design and graphic design!

  • Web design / Web development

    Perhaps you are new to the world of web marketing and are just looking to get your online-presence going. Creating a beautiful and well-optimized website is a start you need!

  • Online marketing, SEO optimization

    If you already have a website that you are aesthetically happy with but are looking to make a few enhancements to attract and keep more visitors, Shibuweb can make those few tweaks and content brush-up that is really holding your website back from working to it’s full power.

  • Identity deisgn / Graphic design

    It may not come as a surprise that a branding detail like logo has the power to attract people or drive them away. Don’t let the latter happen! We can create a beautiful mark that will make your business shine.

  • Technical support / Additional works

    If all of a sudden your website started breaking down or stopped working altogether, you need some content update or having other technical difficulties and needs, don’t panic and remember that we are always here for you.

Used Cars Auctions and Yahoo Auctions Development

Shibuweb team creates custom web applications for used cars dealers and export companies in Japan. We have huge experience and know all the tools that you need to start your successful business.