All in one solution for Japanese auto exporters

japanese auto auction system


Roles & Permissions

Company owner has ability to control what users can do within the system, without giving full access. Assign collection of Permissions based on a job function. 

Bussines Modeling

Ability to create custom Prices and Fees Sets depending on your business model. The price set can be assigned to a specific user or group of users.

Auction Search

Connecting JP Center API will enable advanced auctions search that will allow system users to browse and search auction data.


Dynamic bidding system track all bids within the company and automatically updates them depending on users actions as well allows users to group bids.


Each auction lot can be converted in to the product for future retail. System user also can create custom products or services.


Each user has their own balance that can be updated through invoices. And invoices can be created out of products and services.

Security and Data

Our system is created using all the best practices in the industry. All data is stored on secure cloud services. We also can provide our clients they personal raw data by request.

Apply For Beta Now

To apply for our beta release that will be launch in Summer 2021 please fill the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.